Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee may authorize expenditure of funds for the following purposes: administrative expenses, standing and ad-hoc committee expenses and program funding requests, Executive Officer Expenses as well as emergency expenditures.

Industry Committee:

The industry committee is aimed at increasing opportunities for RRUSA members to network with and collaborate with businesses and community organizations through events and activities. The industry committee also seeks to expand on providing local deals to our members and enhance students’ ability to connect with the wider business community. We are always looking for new ideas and to learn about the interests of our members. Please contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities!

Royal Committee:

The Royal Committee is the leadership team of the Royal Magazine, your student zine. The aim of the Royal magazine is to share ideas, resources, stories, and more, with a goal of increasing student’s sense of belonging by fostering connection and knowledge. The Royal Magazine is a place to share YOUR voice, so please feel free to email to either join the leadership team, or to contribute.

Social Committee:

The social committee is just what it sounds like. A group of RRU students who care about creating more opportunities for cross-cohort/program collaboration through fun activities, events and more. The social committee is always looking for energetic and outgoing members who love being active and engaged in the RRU community.

Sports Committee:

The sports committee seeks to further opportunities for students to participate in workshops, team sports, and activities that promote healthy lifestyle and wellbeing while still fostering cross-cohort/program connection. If you love being active, have a sport you want to play, or a skill to share, please reach out to the Sports Committee.

Sustainability Committee:

The RRUSA Sustainability Committee’s goal is to find opportunities for creating a better environment for all students, and the community at large. The Sustainability Committee seeks to identify and address emergent issues, foster a culture of action, and make a difference on campus and in the community. Through projects, education, and events, the committee provides students with an opportunity to come together around issues that matter, have a voice, and to be active participants in making change.

Peer Support Program Committee:

The Peer Support Committee is made up of a group of engaged students who believe in helping one another. They are your go-to for connection, information, and resources. Those who volunteer to be part of this program offer workshops, table talks, can be seen doing walkabouts on campus, and are often at events sharing resources and information. No topic is too big or too small for these volunteers. So if you need information about accessing resources like counselling, food banks, great restaurants, or events around campus or the larger community, reach out to your Peer Support Volunteers, or become one today.