Who we are

Executive Council

My name is Jeffrey A Philavong, I was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  I am comfortable speaking practical and business French. I am well coursed in restaurant management, this is where I learned to speak fluent Thai. I’ve travelled to over 30 different countries and over 150 cities examining the political, economic and cultural differences. Exploration is one of my many passions. I discovered my capacity for leadership when I began reading books. Applied knowledge can change your life!


VP Finance
Agnes Cheung, a final year BBA student, experienced in accounting and finance. She was the last year VP Finance, and the student council working  atmosphere  made her stay for another year. She is currently looking after this year’s Executive Committee and overseeing the funding requests from students to the council. Any questions about program funding, please shoot her an email: rrusa_vpfinance@royalroads.ca



VP Communications
My name is Lambie Hamilton and I live in Calgary, Alberta where I am a full-time publications editor for a weekly newspaper. I am completing my Bachelor of Professional Communications degree, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2019. As VP Communications, I oversee the campus magazine, The Royal, and chair the communications committee.



VP Online
My name is Mackenzie Dine I am a 4th-year Blended Justice studies program student. I grew up on Pender Island BC and I currently live in Victoria BC. I have held a variety of jobs and volunteer positions ranging from a professional cook to a volunteer firefighter. I have always had a passion for change and I am looking forward to helping RRUSA becomes the best it can be!



VP On Campus
My name is Negar and I’m in my year two of Business Administration program. I love getting involved in community and I have done a lot of volunteering in Victoria since I moved. I love reading, rain and long walks on the beach – or in the forest, I guess.I’m a conversation enthusiast, so shoot me an email if you like to talk about curious places around the campus, gender equality and everything in between.



VP Engagement
My name is Zain Abbas. I am a 4th year BBA International Business and Sustainability student. Pakistan is my home country. I am passionate about bringing change and make this world a better place to live in. Currently, I am using platform of RRUSA to attain my passion and if you have any ideas to make our experience at RRU better, feel free to reach out.