Executive Council


Shea Watson was born and raised on Vancouver Island and will always have a love for the place she is from. Shea is a third year undergraduate student in the Global Tourism Management Program and continues to express her passion for people, service and collaboration through her studies and leadership roles in University and in life. Shea carries a firm belief that strength in numbers is exactly what generates success and she will forever hold the importance of being a strong and positive team player. If you can’t find Shea on campus, you might find her in a boxing ring or running on a track as Shea values physical well-being just as much as her mental-health and hopes to promote these values as she moves successfully through life.

Program: BA Global Tourism Management

Where are you from? Sidney, British Columbia

Favourite food: Candied Smoked Salmon

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: “How did she do that…”

Something no-one would ever guess about you: The first concert I ever went to was Tom Jones

Dream job: Professional Traveler

Favourite quote:Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.”  Mark Twain

VP Finance

Mohammad Mahdi Mirzaei Abbas Abad is from Tehran, the capital city of Iran. He has studied accounting in his bachelors, and master`s degree. In his spare time, Mahdi enjoys playing video games, communicating with others, and reading books. He has worked as a financial director in one of the largest Iranian companies, MAPNA. Mahdi was deputy to financial director there, and he’s always been interested in financial issues of a company.

Program: PMP2

Where are you from? Tehran, Iran

Favourite food: Ghormesabzi

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: He did his best to make the world a better place to live for himself and his colleagues.

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I am a big fan of metal music.

Dream job: Financial CEO in an enterprise

Favourite quote:“What got you here, won’t get you there” by  Marshall Goldsmith

VP Communications 

Neal Tougas is originally from Penticton BC, but moved to Victoria to study Professional Communications. Having attended other post secondary institutions – such as UVic and Selkirk College in Nelson – he appreciates the benefits of living and studying in such a desirable location. Aside from school, Neal enjoys the outdoors, reading, cinema, and conversing over coffee. He hopes to bring his media production experience into the association, and to the students, making for a fun, engaging, and collaborative year. 

Program: Bachelors in Business Administration – Sustainability and international Business

Where are you from? Penticton, British Columbia

Favourite food: Pizza

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: He lived with a sense of passion and willingness to help others succeed.

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I used to work and live on a cruise ship.

Dream job: Anything where I can inspire others

Favourite quote: “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” ― Ernest Hemingway

VP Online

Braeden Timms was originally born in Vancouver but has lived on Vancouver Island for most of his life. He is in his final year of the Bachelor of Commerce program and enjoys the flexibility the online program provides as he really enjoys the work he does for the provincial government. Braeden is very interested in creating change, especially within the province and plans to complete a law degree once he graduates next year. As the Executive Vice President of Online Programs, Braeden hopes to spread awareness of the services offered by the RRU student association to online students and have them become more involved overall. He is looking forward to a great year ahead and working alongside a very strong council to create positive change for all students at Royal Roads – both on-campus and online!

Program: Bachelor of Commerce

Where are you from? Vancouver, British Columbia

Favourite food: Sushi

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: “He was always up for an adventure”

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I know how to fly a helicopter!

Dream job: Law

Favourite quote: “The Man who says he can, and the man who says he can not are both correct”- Confucius

VP On Campus

Alex Moore is in his last year of BBA in Business and Sustainability. He’s from Niagara Falls, Ontario, and he’s definitely not the first Ontarian to decide the west coast is better! Alex really enjoys sports, and is always looking for people to talk football, hockey, golf or snowboarding with. He believes business is going to be the catalyst that ensures the world becomes a sustainable place, and he will do his best to contribute to that movement. Alex is also the chair of the sustainability committee and is always open for ideas and conversations. Send him an email! RRUSA-VPOnCampus@royalroads.ca

Program: BBA Business and Sustainability

Where are you from?

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Favourite food: Sushi

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: He was fun, successful, and an ass.

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I hate olives.

Dream job: NFL/NHL Team Owner

Favourite quote: “If you’re not improving you’re falling behind”

VP Executive Administration

Megan Weiss is from California, but transferred to Royal Roads from a community college in Washington state, where her parents currently reside. Megan is in her 4th year of the Business Administration program. She has a passion for music, animals, and event planning. Her skills in time management and organization are very suitable for her position as VP Executive Administration. After graduation, she plans to stay in BC and work in real estate. 

Program: Bachelor for Business Administration

Where are you from? Kingston, Washington

Favourite food: umm all food, duh

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: I hope people

say that I helped them grow as a person and pushed them to be the best they could be

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I’m an introvert!

Dream job: Wedding Planner

Favourite quote: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” -Dolly Parton

VP Engagement

Drashti Doshi was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She is quirky and goofy and is favourite amongst all her friends. She likes to socialize and loves to organize events. She came to Canada to explore opportunities and diversity here at Royal Roads University. She strives to practice and preach responsibility and engagement amongst her peers through the medium of her presidency.

Program: BBA in International Business and Sustainability

Where are you from? India

Favourite food:Poutine and Dippin’ dots

Dream job: I always wanted to be a pilot

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: People would love me because they can joke around, have a lot of fun and then they can have deep conversation with me without feeling weird at all.

Something no-one would ever guess about you: I love change.

Favourite quote: DREAM IT. WANT IT. ACHIEVE IT

Executive Director

Dory Thuot has been working with the Royal Roads University Student Association (RRUSA) since 2013, when she took on the Project Coordinator position to oversee a prevention of violence program funded through a federal government of Canada, Status of Women Canada grant. She is a graduate of the Master’s of Leadership program at Royal Roads University. In her current role as RRUSA, Dory helps manage all things RRUSA for the Executive Council.  In addition to her work with RRUSA, Dory has two children and owns two community acupuncture clinics in Victoria. You can contact Dory via email at rrusaed@gmail.com

Where are you from? Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia

Favourite food: Tuna sashimi

Something you hope people say about you at your retirement party: Dory was a ‘get things done’ kind of person, who made sure fun and play were part of every aspect of her life

Something no-one would ever guess about you: Was a children’s television actor in Taiwan for 4 years.

Dream job: Travel writer

Favourite quote: I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone. – Rilke